Travellers in time

About us

Over recent years Travellers in Time has provided for many people a service of buying items for their personal collections and also finding particular items and objects of a maritime theme that they are looking for.  For many years now, trading with customers all over the world has been very common and new customers are contacting the website every month.

Many paper shipping lists from well-established shipping lines used to be produced and then sent by fax and post to people all over the world who may be interested in acquiring the items, until eventually a website containing many of the items was developed. Travellers in Time aims to continue that path by producing many items from many different categories on this exciting website, and every now and then producing a selection of items on a different theme.

Travellers in Time has always been run as a hobby and not a business, so a more personal service is given to all customers who visit the website, and enthusiasts and collectors from many countries have shared their thoughts and knowledge to help improve the website over recent years.